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      Fujian Dongshan army slideway

      This project is divided into two phases.The first phase includes the construction of four 1,000DWT shipbuilding berthsto the north of the built breakwater and in the southern section of the revetment(Mainly for repairing the vessel types designated by the construction companyand 1,000DWT ships); the second phase includes one 20,000DWT shipbuilding berth32m away from No. 1-4 shipbuilding berths (Not constructed in this phase). Thefour 1,000DWT berths are connected into one, with the top elevation of 5.40mand end elevation of 1.50m, horizontal projection length of 146m, and totalwidth of 110m. The top elevation of the 20,000DWT berth is 6.27 m, and the endelevation is 2.00 m; the horizontal projection length is 226 m, and the widthis 32 m.

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        Location:Building 2, NO.176 Haier Road

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