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      Project for Shandong Hi-Speed Group in middle port area, Weifang port

      Berth #18-#20 of Shandong Hi-Speed Group inthe east operation zone, middle port area of Weifang port include two 50000DWTgeneral berths and two 20000DWT Ro-Ro berths. CIIO has carried out thefeasibility study, preliminary design and construction drawing design of thisproject. The project takes overall consideration of the function requirementsto handle different cargo types such as Ro-Ro passenger, Ro-Ro cargo, Ro-Rovehicle, drop and pull transport and container,,as well as current and futuredevelopment demand, which make it an innovative and technically leadingproject. Meanwhile it grasps the opportunity that the container berth of theplanning west operation zone has not been constructed yet, to arrange acasisson launching and shipping terminal here, solving the problem of thelacking of caisson precast yard. The project lays great significance as amilestone in the development of Weifang port.

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        Location:Building 2, NO.176 Haier Road

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