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      Successful bidding the Fujian Zhangpu Liuao Heavy Cargo Terminal Project


      Fujian Zhangpu Liuao Heavy CargoTerminalProject is located in the sea area southeast of Liuao Peninsula,ZhangpuCounty, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, involving the transformation oftheexisting 1,000DWT berth (1 #) and the construction of a new 5,000DWTheavycargo berth (2#). The new berth is 150m in length, composed of the eastberthingplatform (150m long and 19m wide), west gantry crane track (gauge: 90m;ratedlifting capacity: 1,000t) platform (150m long and 19m wide) and the 780mlongnew revetment, of which the inner revetment is 73m long, the east revetmentis376m long, the west revetment is 60m long, and the northwest revetment is 271mlong. The total area of the port area is 110,854m2, including the 31,872m2rearstorage yard. One fan part storage area is located on the southeast sideandnorthwest side of the storage yard, of which the southeast storage area is53,609m2and the northwest storage area is 16,887m2. The road in the port is683m long.The project is another EPC project awardedto our company,highlighting our comprehensive competitiveness in integratedwater transportproject solutions.

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        Location:Building 2, NO.176 Haier Road

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