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      The pouring of the twenty-fourth segment of the wharf body of Pizhou port


      Recently, Pizhou operating area relocation project kicked off orderlywith the pouring piles caps and vertical and horizontal supporting systems atthe twenty-fourth segment of the wharf body of Pizhou port, Xuzhou main port.The project enters the summer high temperature construction period, in order toensure the quality and progress of the project, the project staff and workersare not afraid of high temperature, and stick to their work.

      In order to ensure the quality and safety, pouring constructiontasks avoid the high temperature period as far as possible, they prepare forthe work at 21 o'clock at night, and complete the pouring processes at 7 o'clockthe next morning.

      In order to put an end to security risks in the construction process,Technical security head of project department went to the front line many times,checked any hidden dangers that might exist in the construction process, anddid the safety checking through one by one inspection. In the pouring process,the project department technical staff adheres to their respective positions;the pouring process used stratification, and implemented one segment by one segmentpouring. The special staff members were sent to inspect the pouring process forthe stability of the whole supporting system. With the co-operation of theproject team, the pouring project is completed in a safe and orderly way.

      The completion of the pile caps and vertical and horizontalsupporters pouring marks the beginning of the upper structure construction of 2nd stage of Pizhouport Project.

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        Location:Building 2, NO.176 Haier Road

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