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      Binzhou Municipal Committee, Mayor Cui Honggang and his entourages came to Binzhou Port liquefaction dock to inspect and supervise work.






      On the morning of April 19, 2017, the leadinggroup of Binzhou Port Construction Promotion Committee formed by Mr. CuiHonggang, Vice Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Binzhou City,Mr. Zhao Qingping, Standing Committee of the CPC Binzhou Municipal Committeeand senior vice-mayor of Binzhou City, Mr. Yuan Zhaohui, Secretary-general ofBinzhou Municipal Government, Ms. Wang Qingxia, Deputy Secretary-general andInspector General of Binzhou Municipal Government, and officials from Binzhou Port,Railway, Maritime, Fire Fighting, Safety Supervision, Finance, Land Resources,Transportation, Municipal Development and Reform Commission and otherdepartments visited and inspected the Binzhou Port Liquid Chemical Terminaldesigned by our company, and convened the Binzhou Port Construction Promotion Meeting.Mr. Li Yong, Director of Binhai New Area Administrative Committee, Mr. HuYunjiang, Head of Binzhou Port Group, Mr. Ding Guoming, Chairman of BinzhouPort Group, Mr. Xu Zonghai, Executive Deputy General Manager of Binzhou PortGroup, Mr. Wang Xueqiang, Chairman of Shandong Binzhou Port Chemical TerminalCo., Ltd., Mr. Li Lansheng, General Manager of Shandong Binzhou Port ChemicalTerminal Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhang Dejiang, Deputy General Manager of ConstructionManagement Center our our company attended the meeting.

      After on-site investigating of the BinzhouPort Liquid Chemical Terminal, Mr. Cui Honggang listened to the work report byMr. Li Liansheng on the basic situation and construction of the terminal, andasked in detail about the waterway navigation, terminal operation and tank farmconstruction.

      The main structures of Binzhou Port LiquidChemical Terminal and Harbor Dredging Project was completed six months ahead ofschedule, and accepted on completion. The loading and unloading equipment, firefighting, environmental protection, water supply and drainage and lightingfacilities have been completed, inspected and accepted by relevant authorities.

      Mr. Cui Honggang highly appreciated theachievements made in the construction of Binzhou Port Liquid Chemical Terminal,especially the terminal constructed by our company. After listening to thereport, he pointed out that the municipal departments at all levels shouldstrengthen communication and coordination to work together and go all out topromote the work so as to achieve the goals predetermined.




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        Location:Building 2, NO.176 Haier Road

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