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      CIIO— Integrated solution provider of water transport engineering

      CIIO is committed to providing customers with one-stopintegrated services in water transport engineering. The company holds the qualificationof Water Transport Industry Design Class A, the qualification of the PortEngineering Consulting Class A, the qualification of Engineering InvestigationClass A (Geotechnical Engineering (investigation), Engineering Survey) Class A,and the qualifications of Port and Waterway Construction General Contractor.

      CIIO (the company) currently has 460 employeesincluding 130 employees with Senior technical titles, 176 employees withIntermediate technical titles, 170 employees with titles including NationalRegistered Civil Engineers, First Class Registered Architect, First ClassRegistered Structural Engineers and others. Some of our employees have beenengaged as evaluation experts in PRC Ministry of Transportation's andChinawater transport construction industry association for 32 times and some asevaluation experts in Shandong provincial at all levels of expert database formore than 110 times. 32 evaluation experts inPRC Ministry of Transportation’sand China water transport construction industry associations, and more than 110evaluation experts in Shandong provincial at all levels of expert database.

      The layout of CIIO market has covered inland riverprovinces and cities in China, and expanded to Southeast Asia, Africa, NorthAmerica, Europe and other places with a number of offices and branch offices.

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        Location:Building 2, NO.176 Haier Road

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