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      The Full Life Cycle BIM system of Zhongcheng International is mainly designed for management of the four stages of project: consulting, design, construction and operation. It covers the whole process of project, where the digital model is created, managed and shared for the project under construction.

      • Project Opportunity Research
      • Analysis of Financing channel
      • Analysis of Market Forecast
      • Visual Design
      • Collaborative Management
      • Data Exchange
      • Decision Support
      • Virtual Construction
      • Progress Control
      • Cost Control
      • Security Control
      • Optimization of Scheme
      • Operational Real-time Control
      • Asset Management
      • Safety Emergency Management





      • Design Institute
      • Equipment Manufacturers
      • Construction Organization
      • Investors
      • Other
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        Consultation & Design

        In the early stage of project planning and design, based on BIM technology, simulation analysis is carried out on the project scheme and investment strategy. By visualizing BIM model, we improve the decision-making participation and maximally optimize the project implementation plan.

      • Building

        Using BIM technology the key nodes of the construction model and site arrangement can be perfectly displayed and be associated with core business data in progress, cost, quality, safety and material. Through the construction process simulation, progress schedule and construction scheme, can be optimized to guarantee the smooth completion of the project construction.

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        During the operation&maintenance phase, BIM combines with Internet + GIS + 10T + GPS for infrastructure management and O&M management. Through virtual simulation technology, the input-output efficiency of different O&M schemes can be analyzed and the influence that the operation brings to the maintenance work can be simulated, in order to propose advanced and reasonable O&M plan to support operation decision, operation supervison and tracking.

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        Location:Building 2, NO.176 Haier Road

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